Morvedra, Oli d'oliva de Menorca


Many people argue that the Mediterranean tree par excellence is the olive. The wild olive (Olea Oleaster) is ubiquitous in Menorca, and it is said that this tree was used to fashion the wreath awarded to the champions at the ancient Olympic games. Since time immemorial, the cultivated olive tree has also formed an important part of the island’s history.


The Morvedra Vell Estate has a privileged location in the south of Menorca. The Estate looks over an expanse of wild olive trees which stretch down to the spectacular, unspoilt beaches of Cala Turqueta and Cala Macarella. Across the sparkling turquoise sea, Mallorca sits majestically on the horizon. The tramontane wind sweeps over the island from the north coast, infusing our olives with the salty breeze and the natural aromas of the earth.



We have 6 hectares of cultivated olive groves. The rest of the Estate is covered with wild olive trees scattered across the rock-strewn fields where Limousin cattle and Menorquin horses graze. The trees’ roots sink deep between the cracks in the rocks in search of nutrients, and transmit the essence of the earth to our olives. The planting of the trees within the grove is carefully planned to ensure ample space for their foliage. Juices from the Arbequina, Picual and Ardóniz olive varieties we grow, are combined with the wild olives to create our unique olive oil.


The harvest begins early. We pick samples of each variety of olive starting around mid-October to test their ripeness and ensure that the main harvest is carried out at the optimum time. We pick them by hand, and ensure that they are delivered to the mill in the best of conditions by using special combs to prevent damage to the fruit or trees and storing them in small perforated containers to guarantee their freshness. We also apply this process to the harvest of our best wild olive trees which abound across the Estate.


The olives are ground either the very same afternoon they are harvested or the morning after. This allows us to preserve as much of their natural essence as possible. Our model is similar to making juice from recently cut oranges. The olives are cold extracted using modern Italian machinery, and the entire process is mechanical. The oil is then separated in tanks according to variety, where a final decanting process happens through gravity until the oil reaches its purest form. Then we mix these monovariety oils with a base of Arbequina and wild olive oils, adding the flavours of all the other varieties before bottling this final infusion.


Extra virgin olive oil made from arbequina, picual and olivó olives in Menorca

Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives from the Morvedra Vell estate, Ciutadella de Menorca, and solely by mechanical means. Cold extraction.

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